Hi everyone! Lately there have been several reports of the MMR converter not functioning correctly; it appears that MapMyRide/MapMyRun is by default setting new accounts and new workouts to private/friend-only. To ensure my tool can properly parse your workout, please be sure to set the workout to public, even if only for a moment to … Continued

Howdy everyone! The MapMyRide Converter has been updated to correct several outstanding bugs and other API changes. Notably: No more hard failure when lap data is not present. Several changes to handle daylight savings and other time format changes from MapMyRide. Better support for heart rate and split data from MapMyRun workouts. Overall faster parsing. … Continued

Today I learned that in Safari, HTML5 sessionStorage will completely fail if you’re in private browsing mode. This stands in glaring contrast to both Firefox & Chrome private modes, where both localStorage & sessionStorage continue to function normally. It turns out in Safari, when you enter private mode the browser automatically sets a storage quota … Continued

It has come to my attention, oh loyal readers, that there’s a problem regarding HR data with my MMR-> Strava tool. Apparently HR and Cadence data is not being successfully imported into Strava at the present time. I’ve tested this with several GPXs including older workouts of my own where the HR data was successfully … Continued

The following is a cycling heatmap showing all of my group and training rides from September 1, 2012 to September 30, 2013. 2 rides are missing due to MapMyRide data corruption.